Do you use DSLR, WEBCAM or IPAd

All of our Photo Booths and services utilizes high-resolution DSLR Canon brand Cameras. 

do you have props? Are they clean?

All of our sign and stick props are replaced regularly and updated with the latest popular styles. All of our hats and wigs are high quality and are washed. We do not provide hats and wigs on kids parties who are more likely to get Lice.

What is social sharing?

Photo Booths today provide the opportunity to have photos taken shared online via Facebook or Twitter. They can also be emailed or sent via text* (not responsible for data charges)


Do you use inkjet or dye sub? what is the difference?

Ink jet provides a wet print that has to try, but provides a nicer looking quality print with better color depth. Dye Sub uses a heat transfer process and puts a protective coat on the print to keep from ink spreading and fingerprints. For this protective reason we use Dye Sub which also allows for a faster higher speed printing. We use DNP DS40 Printers.

Our venue requires insurance

With us you are guaranteed a safe night as any issues that may arise are covered under our insurance. Venues are provided with a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with them provided as a Holder